The YOU-SQ company is specialized in design and supply of temporary and / or permanent fittings, and supply of global services in residential and commercial areas.

How we are?

The experience reached in over 40 years mixed with collaborations with internationally renowned architects and designers provide awards and allow us to create projects and ideas of our customers with great skill.

The service of design and one-and-only supplier operates considering in the whole the technology variable 

(lighting, thermo-mechanical, electrical, alarm), the practice variable (ergonomics, distribution and allocation of spaces) and, last but not least, the aesthetic variable to reflect the point of view of the customer and meet their needs.

The primary goal, of course, is to achieve a very good result of the environment as a whole.

The continue research, knowledge and love for our profession makes us bearers of innovative solutions.

We are able to include in the realizations several materials available on the market, thanks to the use of the most modern technologies for their processing, the ability of our master craftsmen, the precise coordination of professionals involved in the production cycle, the motor of your ideas.

It will also be at your disposal a staff capable of following and write quickly any commercial offer and then make any technical and executive projects needed to define the product in individual details.

We offer a comprehensive management service contract to 360 °, from the process of design and production to assembly.