Experience Passionate Design    

The man in his poetry is inclined to emotions of life, to the pleasure of the beauty that invites the senses to see, feel, touch, smell.

Our home takes in our security, the love we feel for the people who live with us in a continuous exchange of emotions, able to make us better people.

The house that is within you    


The home, the real one , wich is truly our own… have we lost our ability to imagine it or feel it?

It’s difficult to feel that it is real in all its forms and materials, touching our senses and our emotions.

Amid the countless forms and colours of designer furnishing, few manage to reveal something intimate or sincere or true to us.


The possible answer to the daily necessities of welness...    

With its age-old tradition, Finnish sauna is a practice that is done to relax, regenerate and try intense pleasure through gestures imbued with calm and slow in a very hot place until you reach a state of widespread physical and mental. It is a purification of body and soul. Calidus Saunas, through its innovative proposals, reinvents the aesthetics of traditional sauna maintaining the functionality intact.


From the material to the project, the roots of tradition    
Our joinery is able to provide a FULL SERVICE in the field of fixtures, from concept to painted, assembled and placed product at the destination. Thanks to the continuous updating of equipment, YOU-SQ Serramenti have reached a level of technology, highly specialized, able to deal with any request, even the most elaborate.

Customized design    
For more than 40 years we working in the field of hand-crafted wood, with an experience that develops during these decades in a way ever more comprehensive and structured. Thanks to the expertise and technology continually updated of our production departments, we are able to design and implement your requests. Always work with architects and designers for their projects seeking uncompromising quality in the products we realize.
Museum staging and temporary exhibitions    
Our company realizes exhibition fitting permanent (museums and galleries) or temporary nature (such as exhibitions, conferences, artistic events) in Italy and abroad.
We can produce museum installations and temporary exhibitions of various types, design (or executive planning for the project of the client) and structures construction (walls, doors, windows, basements, climate controlled cabinet), electrical, installation, safety measure for works.
A place where you can find trendy furniture and exclusive items.Check this page often: the gallery is constantly updated by inserting the most interesting pieces of Italian and European design, without forgetting the design overseas.