Case History


With the brand MUSEUM we put at your service our mastery in order to serve you in the realization of exhibitions and museum exhibits, temporary or permanent, both in Italy and abroad.

We can produce museum installations and exhibitions of various types, design (or executive planning for the project of the client), construction of structures (walls, doors, windows, basements, caskets air conditioning), electrical, installation, commissioning, making safe artworks.

Upon request and on a project by internationally renowned artists we give life to works of art, putting at their service reliability and professionalism.


The classic types of displays that we produce:

  • Stands
  • Supports
  • Display cases for objects / paintings / drawings, also air-conditioned
  • Exhibitors showcase
  • Square base showcases
  • Single and double-sided showcases
  • Horizontal showcases
  • Blind quinte 
  • Portals
  • Multimedia console