The house that is within you

The home, the real one , wich is truly our own… have we lost our ability to imagine it or feel it?

It’s difficult to feel that it is real in all its forms and materials, touching our senses and our emotions.

Amid the countless forms and colours of designer furnishing, few manage to reveal something intimate or sincere or true to us.

More and more often we find it unexpected places, or non-places; context wich are not normally “home”.

Times change, it’s true; but homes there will be always: they are guardians of tradition or new architectural extravagancies.

The ways we live them will change as well, influenced by our relationship with the environment, with space, with personal freedom; we are destined to become ever more active in the expression of our personal lifestyle.

Possess the privilege of living, then, means recognizing and satisfying our imagination and our fantasy beyond the simple necessities of daily life; rediscovering a relationship with the home wich is real, imaginary and tasteful.